The Ten Best Ways to Become Self-Employed

Any number of reasons exist which persuade a person to learn how to become an entrepreneur. Perhaps he’s tired of working for someone else, or wishes to have freedom in the workplace and more control over how a business is run. Individuals in this situation often opt to become self-employed so they can put their ideas into action. The 10 best ways to become self-employed are explored below.

Resume Writing

Although unemployment figures have dropped in recent months, many individuals still remain without a job. Help them find employment by offering resume writing services. Writing an effective resume takes skill, as employers are seeing countless documents of this type with each job opening, and the key to a successful resume is to find a way to have the reader wanting to learn more. For those wishing to start a business in this field, quality and creative writing is a must.

Freelance Writing

Although many people assume they can write, doing so in a way that draws people in isn’t easy. For this reason, individuals with above-average writing skills will find they remain in high demand. Work with a company as a freelancer or go out and find jobs independently. Either way, there is plenty of work in this field for a person who can write and someone with good grammar.

Affiliate Marketing

Amazon sells millions of products every day. What many don’t realize is they offer an affiliate marketing program for those who send business to the site. This is a great way to make passive income, although time must be spent engaging with consumers and drawing them in to explore the offerings.


Every individual has a skill they can share with others. This may be the ability to play a musical instrument, a gift for making science interesting, or extraordinary cooking skills. Teach others this skill or tutor them so they can improve. Scheduling tends to be flexible for tutors, making it the perfect choice for individuals with limited time, and there are plenty of sites today where a tutor can connect with potential students.

Start A Blog

Some people have a knack for writing. Anyone who falls into this category may wish to start a blog and make money while doing so. The Pioneer Woman and Penny Pinching Mom both started out small, and look where they are today. Affiliate marketing can be combined with blogging also to allow for more income from this venture.

Meal Planning Service

Individuals want to save money on groceries, and one of the easiest ways to do so is to plan meals ahead of time. However, many people lack the time or organizational skills to do so. Offer to take on this task for them. Be aware that there will be more demand for those who offer meal plans for special diets, such as gluten-free or low-salt menu plans.

Graphic Design

Art skills are in short supply today, as more schools cut the art curriculum to spend money in other areas. Individuals who have a natural talent for drawing can be of help to individuals in need of a logo, images for their website, drawings of prototypes, and more. A person can start small and build the business over time, taking on larger and larger projects as time permits.

Social Media Consultant

Social media continues to increase in popularity, with more individuals signing on to these networks every day. Individuals who are comfortable online and enjoy interacting with others can offer to serve as a social media consultant for businesses. The best way to get started in this industry is by offering these services for free to one or more non-profit organizations and having these organizations provide references.

Video And Guide Creation

Every individual has a skill that others may wish to develop. Share knowledge of this skill with others by creating a guide or videos that may be use as teaching tools. This may come in the form of one ebook or it may be a series of videos that build on each other. This is determined in part by the topic being addressed, but can be a lucrative way for individuals to generate income.

Write A Book

Anyone can be an author now thanks to the growth of self-publishing services. There is no need to search for an editor or find a publishing company that will accept the work. Be aware that a number of books will likely need to be published before a good income stream is developed, but once a person understands the process, writing and publishing a book becomes easier. In fact, some authors now work with those new to self-publishing to help them get their books to the public.

To best become a solopreneur, learn everything possible about starting a business. Develop a personal brand and begin engaging with others on social media. Networking is also of great importance at this time. Nevertheless, the most important thing is to choose something you love and are passionate about. Individuals who do so find they no longer work at a job, they have a career they love and enjoy sharing with others.

Kathy Berger

Kathy works as a business and travel blogger for She loves to travel and follow her passion around the globe.

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Kathy Berger

Kathy works as a business and travel blogger for She loves to travel and follow her passion around the globe.

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